Bike Racks at Tasker-Morris Station

August 30, 2016

In August of 2016, SEPTA installed its first underground bicycle infrastructure consisting six U-racks at its Tasker-Morris Station. This installment is a part of SEPTA's Cycle Transit Plan to increase bicycle accessibility to SEPTA stations.

Bike and transit coordination is a key strategy for SEPTA to serve and grow ridership. When transit stops are located out of walking range from riders' starting points or destinations, riders will not take transit without an easy way of getting there. This is known as the "last mile gap". By facilitating bike accessibility, SEPTA eliminates this "last mile gap" for a significant demographic increasing the radius of customers who are willing to take transit. Increasing this radius of convenient accessibility helps to build SEPTA's ridership while provides its communities with greater access to transit

Bicycle ridership in Philadelphia is among the highest in the country, and there is public demand for improved and more abundant bicycle infrastructure throughout the city. Installations like this one help SEPTA to increase its business while satisfying public demand.

In addition to the U-racks, SEPTA will also be installing bicycle stair-runners to reduce the difficulty of carrying a bike down stairs and as a result, encourage more riders to utilize the sub-surface racks. As a part of its cycle transit plan, SEPTA will be installing or enhancing bicycle infrastructure at more stations in the future. Check back often for updates on SEPTA's bicycle infrastructure enhancements.