Visit the Bike-to-Transit Map

September 28, 2012

New Survey Tool Will Help to Plan Improved Intermodal Connections

Bicycles are a key element of the regional transportation system, and improving linkages with the transit network is an important way of promoting broader mobility. That is why SEPTA's Sustainability Program prioritizes becoming a more bike-accessible transit system as part of its goal to integrate with livable communities.

Together with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, NJ Transit, and PATCO, SEPTA is now collecting information on how transit stations can better accommodate bicyclists. The data will be collected through the OpenPlans organization's "Shareabouts" platform, a crowdsourcing map that will allow users to click on a specific stop or station and input information about its bike-related characteristics.

That's where you come in: take a moment and visit the map to let us know where and how you use your bike to access the transit network and ways that SEPTA can improve bike facilities at that location. The map will be available until December 1st, 2012 and is a critical first step in collecting the data needed to assess demand for bike-accessible infrastructure.