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Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

Route 120 | Cheyney University to 69th Street Transportation Center

Sunday | to Cheyney University
Effective September 4, 2017

69th Street Transportation Center 11:25am1:20pm3:25pm5:35pm7:30pm10:00pm
Manoa (West Chester Pike & Eagle) 11:36am1:33pm3:38pm5:48pm7:41pm10:11pm12:22am
West Chester Pike & Sproul Rd (Broomall) 11:43am1:40pm3:44pm5:54pm7:47pm10:16pm12:27am
West Chester Pike & Clyde Lane (Newtown Square) 11:50am1:47pm3:51pm6:01pm7:53pm10:21pm12:31am
West Chester Pike & Providence 11:56am1:53pm3:57pm6:07pm7:58pm10:25pm12:35am
Street Road & Middletown Road 12:02pm2:00pm4:04pm6:14pm8:04pm10:31pm12:41am
Cheyney University 12:08pm2:07pm4:11pm6:21pm8:10pm10:37pm12:47am