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Delivery of 700th Hybrid Bus Marks a "Home Run in SEPTA's Efforts to "Go Green"

Manuel McDonnell Smith
Public Information Manager

In baseball, only 3 MLB players have ever been able to hit a 700 home-run milestone. This week, SEPTA marks its own major milestone in the transit industry by accepting delivery of our 700th hybrid-electric bus. The addition of bus #7353 means that SEPTA now operates one of the largest "green" mass transit fleets in the nation.

This addition continues SEPTA's commitment to operating an efficient, modern fleet for our passengers. And also reinforces our commitment to a cleaner environment and sustainable practices. "When SEPTA bought its first hybrid-electric bus in 2002, it demonstrated what many of us at SEPTA believed for a long time- that the future of transit depends on its ability to provide the most efficient means of getting to where you want to go." said General Manager Joseph M. Casey. "Thirteen years later, we're now seeing the real benefits of our decision to invest in green transit technology that extends well beyond fuel economy. SEPTA is empowering the region's residents to develop healthy lifestyles and reside in clean and livable communities. We are committed to remaining one of the region's keys to long term sustainability."

Hybrid bus technology has made a significant impact on SEPTA's bottom line in multiple ways. Not only have we been able to deliver better fuel efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we have also been able to significantly reduce our fleet-wide diesel fuel consumption from 17.1 million gallons in fiscal year 2007, down to 14.9 million gallons in fiscal year 2014.

And we're not stopping there. By the end of December 2015, SEPTA plans to operate a fleet of nearly 750 hybrid vehicles. Over 100 of these vehicles will be 60-foot articulated buses that will be used to enhance capacity along our most crowded routes. Last year, SEPTA's board exercised an option to increase the total order of vehicles by 30, which will enable the Authority to consider adding even more of these vehicles on additional routes around the region.

Newer buses with more space and cleaner air. That's a win for everyone. To learn more about SEPTA and our ongoing efforts to "go green" visit our sustainability website at

Bus number #7353 is SEPTA's 700th hybrid-electric bus in our fleet.

Bus #7353 was purchased from manufacturer Nova Bus Incorporated.

A graph showing SEPTA's diesel fuel consumption reduction efforts.