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SEPTA Riders choose Trains and Treats during Halloween 2014

Manuel McDonnell Smith
Public Information Manager

Shunning the usual costumes styles of ghosts and goblins, the always -creative class of SEPTA's riders and fans decided to take an alternate route. Their Halloween theme would celebrate transit, and they delighted with a series of costumes that brought smiles instead of shrieks. Curated from our social media feeds, here is a selection of our 2014 costume favorites.

(View the images individually below or see them in a slideshow to the right)

"Token Surprise"

We spotted this this "token" traveling all over, at one point he even stopped to pose with a life-sized chicken, also known as "#partyfowl." However, our favorite pose came from behind a kitchen counter where "@Ginabelle" commented that this costume "Nailed it. I'm so impressed." We couldn't agree more.

"Dynamic Duo"

Near Clark Park in West Philadelphia, tiny twin trollies were spotted on trick-or-treat patrol. Rigged with all of the accoutrements of their real-life counterparts including working headlights and air horns, even trolley drivers stop to declare that these costumes exhibited a special flair.

"They wanted something the boys would love that was specific to West Philly" explained their Aunt, speaking of the boys' parents and friends who collaborated to create the unique designs. We here at SEPTA award them an "A+" for awesome!

"Best Couple"

First spotted on the Market Frankford Line and then later in Suburban Station, this duo stole the Halloween show in both stations and social media. "This was, bar none, the best couples costume of last night," proclaimed one Instagram poster. Many here at SEPTA would agree, pointing out that that our tokens and their dispensers have been paired together for many years. We wish the masquerading couple the same loving longevity.

"Record Ridership on Halloween"

Whether they chose to dress up or go plain, it seems that SEPTA riders identify with Halloween as a night to entertain. Compared to regular weekday ridership, passenger counts on the Broad Street and Market Frankford Lines were up by more than 23,000. In fact, many travelers continued their celebrations late into the night all weekend, initial travel counts indicate that ridership on Night Owl trains increased more than 120%. These numbers show that whatever the affair, SEPTA is always an option to help get you there.

"Dynamic Duo"

"Token Surprise"

"Best Couple"