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Innovation & Partnership Lead to New Tech Amenities for SEPTA Customers

Andrew Busch
SEPTA Public Information Manager

SEPTA customers are now enjoying a pair of high-tech amenities, thanks to a partnership between the Authority and Comcast - and some innovative work by SEPTA's in-house IT talent.

During an event at 69th Street Transportation Center in Upper Darby on Tuesday, Oct. 29, Comcast and SEPTA officials announced the expansion of free WiFi to dozens of additional SEPTA stations.

SEPTA also simultaneously launched the official SEPTA App for iPhone, which is now available for download. The SEPTA App for iPhone was fully developed by SEPTA's IT professionals, who will also oversee its operation and enhance it for future versions.

"These are the latest steps in our ongoing efforts to enhance the customer experience," said SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey. "SEPTA is thrilled to be able to offer WiFi at new stations, and also provide customers with the SEPTA App for iPhone."

Casey added: "SEPTA is excited about the many enhancements to customer service that technologies like these will offer moving forward."

The WiFi expansion is focused on bringing this amenity to transit customers who use SEPTA's subway, bus and trolley routes. Free Xfinity WiFi at SEPTA stations first launched within the last several years at Regional Rail stations, including Market East, Suburban, 30th Street, Temple University and University City.

With Comcast's help, SEPTA is now one of the first transit agencies in the nation to provide WiFi to customers at bus, subway and trolley stations in addition to commuter rail.

"Consumers want to be able to connect to the Internet both inside and outside of the home and WiFi is part of our strategy to help them do that anywhere and at any time," Tom Nagel, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Comcast Cable, said during the event at 69th Street Transportation Center. "Comcast has partnered with SEPTA and we're very pleased that Xfinity WiFi is the preferred WiFi provider of SEPTA stations."

The SEPTA App for iPhone - like the WiFi, also available for free - brings the travel information and trip-planning resources already available on SEPTA's Website into one convenient mobile tool. Among the features are real-time travel updates, schedules and fare information. It also gives riders-on-the-go the ability to find nearby stations and routes using GPS coordinates.

"This consolidates all of our information for customers into one convenient App," said Michael Zaleski, SEPTA's Director of Emerging and Specialty Technologies. "We're able to manage the information that goes out to ensure accuracy for our customers."

SEPTA will continually look for ways to improve the App, both for future iPhone versions and also for a SEPTA App for Android users. The Android App is in the development stages, and is expected to be available in spring 2014.

William Zebrowski, SEPTA's Senior Director of Information Technology, said comments from customers will play a big role in future version of the SEPTA App.

"We're really going to rely on our customer feedback," Zebrowski said.

Zebrowski added: "We'll have some bugs - it's not going to be perfect out of the gate. But we'll take a look ahead at what our customers are looking for."

The SEPTA App for iPhone is now available for free download at the Apple App Store. For more information, click here.

Also, to explore the available free Xfinity WiFi hot spots at SEPTA stations and other area locations, go to

From left: SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey; Upper Darby Township Mayor Thomas N. Micozzie; Tom Nagel, Senior Vice President of Business Development; and William Zebrowski, SEPTA Senior Director of Information Technology.

GM Casey speaks during the press conference.

Upper Darby Township Mayor Thomas N. Micozzie.

Tom Nagel, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Comcast Cable.

GM Casey joins the SEPTA IT team, including (from left) Michael Zaleski, Director of Emerging and Specialty Technologies; William Zebrowski, Senior Director of Information Technology; and Senior Programmer Gregory Apessos.