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Promotion In Motion

Whether they are wrapped around a SEPTA bus, plastered on the ceiling of a trolley or prominently displayed on the platform floor of a train station, the advertisements placed on SEPTA's 2,500 vehicles and in our 200 plus stations are in constant motion and impact approximately one million commuters every day.

In addition to revenue obtained from the fare-box, under Act 44, SEPTA is encouraged to explore alternative income streams. In 2008, advertising generated more than $11 million.  These ad dollars are used to supplement the transit authority's operating budget.

In order to capture national advertisers, Titan Worldwide, through a competitive bid, was awarded SEPTA's advertising contract. Titan is the country's largest broker of transit advertisements.

"Our relationship with the folks at Titan has been rewarding in every way. Their efforts not only reap substantial ad revenues for SEPTA, but they also are accommodating to the requirements of our engineering and operating procedures and, most importantly, responsive to the comments or feedback from our customers," said Richard DiLullo, SEPTA Marketing Director. "When we are so exposed to a multitude of advertising messages, they are able to display effective messages that stand out and get noticed by the public."

The ads include campaigns about clothing, beverages, food, cars, TV shows, movies, healthcare, and more. The wide array provides an opportunity for all of our passengers to find promotional messages with which they can identify on a personal level.

"Titan's management, sales and operations teams in Philadelphia have built an extensive network of advertisers and agencies whose continued commitment to advertising on SEPTA properties have generated significant non-farebox revenue for SEPTA," said Jeff Randazzo, Vice President of Titan's Phialdelphia office.

Advertising on SEPTA is the best marketing vehicle in town. The broad visibility of the ads makes it possible for the messages to reach a large and diverse audience while creating effective product awareness.

Ads line a subway platform.

Bus exteriors are popular ad spaces.

Train car interiors provide great ad exposure.