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SEPTA's Silverliner III, now available as a take-home model

Just as an automobile has its own custom model name, the SEPTA Regional Rail fleet has its own; The Silverliners. Currently two models of Silverliners are in daily service, the IV and V. The V began operating on SEPTA's lines in 2012 bringing a smoother ride and modern conveniences to our railroad passengers.

But some riders and rail fans still long for the historic cars of yesteryear. Thanks to SEPTA's Transit Store team and railroad modeler George Rice, they can now take home their own miniaturized version of the Silverliner III rail car. The 11.5 inch cars are near-exact replicas of the fleet of 20 cars built in 1963 by the St. Louis Car Company.

Numbered 220-239, the Silverliner III were owned by the City of Philadelphia and leased to the Pennsylvania Railroad. The fleet was later operated by Penn Central and Conrail before being turned over to SEPTA. These cars are easily identifiable because the engineer's cab was located on the left side of each vestibule instead of the usual right side. Longtime SEPTA rail fans may remember that some of the cars sported a special yellow livery for service to Philadelphia International Airport.

All of the cars were refurbished by SEPTA between 1989 and 1990 and were retired by 2012 with the introduction of the Silverliner V cars.

"Although the Silverliner III is the first model we're making available for purchase, we plan on eventually releasing a model from each of the Silverliner fleets" explained Rice. The Silverliner III model kit is available for $65.00 from the SEPTA Transit Store but requires an "experienced modeler" to assemble and complete. Rice will fully build a model for $165.00 by special order at the Transit Store. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Transit Store - located at 1234 Market Street - during regular business hours Monday-Saturday to see a completed version of the train, and place orders. You can also contact the SEPTA Transit Store by calling 215-580-7088 or emailing George Rice directly at