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We've expanded your SEPTA Key fare purchase choices with the introduction of the Travel Wallet option at Market Frankford Line, Broad Street Line and Bus Loop Fare Kiosks

IF You Don't Have A SEPTA Key Card

Get a new Key Card and load money to the Travel Wallet from a Fare Kiosk - check the list below to see when this feature will be available at the SEPTA Transit Station or Bus Loop most convenient for you

Travel Wallet Load Options (per transaction)
$10.00 (minimum) - $250.00 (maximum)
$250 is the maximum amount you can have on a Travel Wallet at any given time

Once You Have A SEPTA Key Card

Loading funds to the Travel Wallet on your Key Card is easy. To begin, just tap your Card at the contactless reader below the Fare Kiosk screen and then select the Travel Wallet fare purchase option

You can continue to reload funds to the Travel Wallet to pay for single rides, at a discounted rate, and trips requiring a transfer without having to worry about having Tokens or exact change

With a Key Card you can also purchase a Weekly or Monthly TransPass

Please remember to Register your new SEPTA Key Card - you have 2 options:
Call the Key Customer Service center at 855-567-3782
Go online to the Key ecommerce website -

You can also load/reload Pass products or add funds to your Travel Wallet by contacting the Customer Call Center or visiting the website

The easiest way to always have the fare you need when you need it is with an Autoload account for your Key Card

Learn more about our new Fare Program and watch videos on how to load funds to your Travel Wallet at a Fare Kiosk